We offer beginner's courses for Snowboarding &Skiing with excellent personalized instruction and perfect hospitality. We are quite certain that once you’ve participated in one of our ski / Snowboarding programs, you will fall in love with winter sports and will want to visit the beautiful snowy wonderland of Manali, time and again.

Winter is a magical time in Himachal. The land transforms itself by acquiring a glorious white mantle of snow. This thick blanket of snow, on an average measuring about a half a foot to a foot in Hamta and 5-7 feet in the Hamta Valley, usually falls from the end of December onwards, till around the second week of March; And with it, the valley metamorphoses into a winter wonderland.

The beautiful alpine meadow of Hamta (@2650 mtrs above ), is located about an hour and a half’s drive from Manali. It is a winter sports lover’s dream come true. The gentle slopes of these Alpine Meadows, spread under the gaze of the mighty Sethan Dome of the Peer Panjal Mountains, are just right for beginners. They are the perfect place to establish your first love with winter sports. For more dexterous skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts, the expansive back-country around the Slopes, with its fantastic deep powder, innumerable trails and challenging ‘off piste’ terrain, often translates into a Snowboarding experience of a lifetime.

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Snowboarding Course for Beginners In Manali - Tour

Snowboarding Course for Beginners In Manali

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Sethan, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 45,000View Details