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C.R.Spooner says ''Ski Touring In Indian Himalaya Kullu & Lahaul Valley'' 

Welcome to the ‘The Valley of the Gods’, the treasure of the Indian Himalaya. Located approximately 500 km north of Delhi, in the peaceful state of Himachal Pradesh, the Kullu & Lahaul Valley offers some of the world’s finest ski touring. Abundant snowfalls, dramatic high altitude terrain, moderate weather and phenomenally easy access, make the ‘Kullu’ & Lahaul the perfect destination for ski and splitboarding backcountry adventurers. It is a magnificent valley, featuring 20,000 ft high summits, temples and hot springs, curries and shawls, and miles of incredible ski terrain.

It is strange to think of India as a skiing nation, and yet it contains a large portion of the mightiest of mountain ranges - the Himalayas. Storms coming from as far away as the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean pound the Himalayas from November till March. Some of the greatest snowfalls occur in the Kullu Valley, which due to its continental climate, provides light, deep powder throughout winter. Spring is also an exceptional time for ski touring, with warm days and velvet spring snow on one of the deepest snowpacks in the country. The mountains above Manali, the northern town of the Kullu, are as spectacular as they are extensive, some soaring to over 6000 metres. It is little wonder then, that this picturesque, 80 km-long valley is the centerpiece of Himalayan ski touring.

Of course, the Kullu & Lahaul Valley is not just an exceptional ski experience, but also a rich cultural experience in a mystical and exotic land. During winter, locals spend their time spinning wool and living
life at a leisurely pace, and it appears as though very little has changed since centuries ago. Religious beliefs, traditions and superstitions still govern social conduct and order and with a history dating back over 2000 years, it makes for a holiday that is guaranteed to stimulate all the senses. The Kullu Valley is also a politically stable area and isn’t affected by Indian border conflicts with Pakistan or China.

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