“A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom.”

                                                                            – Warren Miller

HYA organize High Base Camps in Himachal Pradesh & Ladakh... thus offering you direct access to some of the higher skiable areas in the Indian Himalaya & the possibility to spend more time up in these snow ladden lands.

Base Camps which are as welcoming, convivial, comfortable and safe as they are practical for exploring further afield. Our camp team will cater to your slightest needs after your exhausting, but exhilarating, day out in the snow. Nothing better than a hot meal inside a warm tent to get those aching bones back to life...

Our guides, all good riders also speak English & are trained in mountain First Aid rescue. Their knowledge of the mountains & their passion for fresh snow ensures that you will have some unforgettable moments. After all, practicing your favorite sport, on virgin Himalayan snow. This makes it easy for the high mountain guide to adapt the ski tours to take into account the conditions and abilities of the group.

Ski Touring/Mountaineering into the Indian Himalaya! Immerse yourself in the stunning high mountains environment: dramatic snowy peaks and cliffs, gullies of freshly fallen powder, wild animals watching you from their rocky outcrop and just a few high mountains refuges to remind you of civilization.


To benefit from the best snowfall & weather conditions, the season begins in early January & finishes at the end of April... spring snow & fresh snowfall can lengthen the season until end June.

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