Born in the mountains – Bhupinder Thakur(Sunny)

“There is nowhere else in the world I’d rather be”. he says. His tryst with the Mountains began at the early age of 10 when he started to ski. He later explored and became proficient in many more adventurous sports such as rock climbing, canyoning, snowboarding and Mountaineering.

As a certified mountaineer and a trekking enthusiast he has mastered his skills as a trek leader and is well versed with different kinds of terrains. His calm and composed nature puts his trekkers at ease and also makes for delightful company.

He and his team have led many treks and expeditions since the year 2003 and are well versed in dealing with trekkers of all levels, be it, beginners, intermediate or advanced. With his extraordinary mapping skills, he is also known for charting out new and lesser traveled terrains for his trek groups.

Partner in crime, Diwan is the yang to the ying – Diwan Thakur

Partner in crime, Diwan is great at explaining things and teaching comes to him naturally which explains his stint as a faculty of the mountaineering course. His skills are not limited to just trekking but has many years of experience in being an instructor for various adventures such as snowboarding, skiing and rock climbing.

He is proficient in rescue expeditions and prioritizes safety over all else. His track record of happy clients keeps growing as his most important goal on treks is to see his fellow trekkers leave with a smile on their face.

With a perceptive mind and intriguing outlook towards life, you can trust him to engross you in conversations about the philosophies of life when he sits down by the campfire.